ACT (a community theatre) - Bylaws


Conditionally adopted by the Board 10 April 2017 …

Ratified by Annual General Meeting 20 August 2017


1. Membership

(1) Membership categories and fees are established as follows:

(a) Regular - $25 per year

(b) Regular membership to include all persons of the same family or household unit - $40

(c) Student or person who is unwaged or of low-income - $15

(d) Temporary, for a period of a half-year or less (without option of renewal) - $15

(e) Honorary/Lifetime, as awarded by the Board to recognize outstanding contribution to ACT - no fee

(2) The Board may establish other categories of membership and set fees for them.

(3) Membership fees are normally to be paid on an annual basis — that is, due to be renewed one year after the date on which the most recent fee was paid.

(4) The Board — or the producer of a show, if the Board has so delegated — may waive the requirement that a person become a member and/or pay the membership fee.


2. Membership privileges, restrictions

In accordance with section 4 of the Constitution, the following membership privileges and restrictions are established:

(a) Auditions for a production shall be open to members and non-members alike.

(b) Participation in any aspect of an ACT theatre production, whether on-stage or off-stage, is normally restricted to members.  Participants who are not members will be required to become members. However the producer of a show may, unless otherwise directed by the Board, waive this requirement if it appears unreasonable or impractical to demand that a person join.

(c) In accordance with section 3 of the Constitution, and subject to any policy which has been formally adopted by the Board (such as regarding honoraria, for example), members shall not normally receive personal financial reward for their participation in any aspect of ACT.

(d) A member may purchase tickets for an ACT production, whether for themself or other person, at $2.00 off the advertised price when purchased before the day of the performance.

(e) Members (and at the discretion of the producer, non-members) who are actively participating in an ACT production are entitled to receive one complimentary ticket for the opening night performance (or, at the discretion of the producer in a special case, for another performance).

(f) Members shall be notified in advance concerning auditions, workshops, readings, productions and other activities of ACT.


3. Auditions

In accordance with the principle of wide community access (ss 2(c) of the Constitution), open auditions must be held, with appropriate publicity, for any ACT production.


4. Communications

The Board shall ensure, through appropriate communications channels, that members are kept informed about goings-on in ACT and the PEI theatre scene.


5. Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting, to be held in accordance with section 10 of the Constitution, shall normally follow this standard agenda:

(i) Adoption of the agenda;

(ii) Minutes of the previous general meeting;

(iii) Business Arising from the minutes;

(iv) Reports — by the President, Treasurer, Director of Theatre, and other such officers;

(v) Report of the Nominating Committee and Elections;

(vi) Other Business;

(vii) Notice of Future Meetings;

(viii) Adjournment.


6. Voting

The manner of voting, whether at Board or general meetings, is determined by the President.


7. Finances

The fiscal year is set as July 1 to June 30.


8. Duties of Board members

The Board shall by policy set out the role and responsibilities of each of the officers of the Board.


9. Projects, assignments

The Board may

(a) engage persons or groups to carry out particular tasks or projects under the supervision of the Board;

(b) assign teams or committees, whether standing or temporary, to carry out certain duties or projects.



Our mailing address is: 


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