2020 Community

Theatre Festival - Cancelled

   Developments in the COVID-19 situation mean that, regrettably, we are having to cancel the 2020 Community Theatre Festival.  With so many unknowns — about things like the duration of the threat and counter-measures, and about future readiness of all the participants — it appears that this is indeed a cancellation rather than a postponement.

   We are deeply disappointed, and so sorry about the frustration which this causes the participants who have poured their creativity and work into preparations for performing. 

Information about the event, for archival purposes: 

There will be bilingual MC-ing by Nadine Salami and Rob Thomson, and popular Island actor and playwright Rebecca Parent will provide constructive comment on the presentations.  Tickets for Watermark, Victoria Playhouse, College of Piping and Charlottetown Festival productions will be raffled off.

8 short plays will run in turn -- a variety of provocative drama, cultural legends, an improv spoof, avant-garde operatic sound-poetry, and plenty of hearty comedy for all ages. 

The Community Theatre Festival is a showcase for true community theatre -- a great chance for scores of actors and off-stage production volunteers to perform beyond their usual home audience, to rub shoulders with and learn from one another and get constructive feedback from helpful adjudicators.  


This year's line up would have included:

 • 12:30-1:00 For belly-laugh humour, the Tracadie Players’ skit, “Fore in the Store” will put a quartet of golfers up against a no-nonsense clerk, the self-checkout and the BYOB policy.

 • 1:15-1:40 Reasha Walsh brings a College of Piping drama team to do excerpts from “The Myths at the Edge of the World”, in which young campers re-live the Amer-Indian story about creation of the Stars as well as the origin of the Sun and Moon derived from Aztec myth.

 • 1:55-2:20 Crackling Roots Theatre Company presents “Apple Bones” written by Jennifer Platts-Fanning.  Set in the near-future, where having children is heavily controlled, Mother Nature weaves the tale as Lily's round belly stirs up high emotions and mayhem ensues.

 • 2:35-3:00 The Island Improv Company will use audience input to create A-N-N-E at the Improv: A Green Gables Parody.

 • 3:15-3:35 The Mi’kmaq Heritage Actors will drum and dance through new tellings of colourful First-Nation ‘Campfire Tales’.

 • 3:50-4:15 The Village Players of Murray River/Harbour will offer part of the modern comedy “Mind Over Manor”, where the Summer Meadows mansion houses a gaggle of eccentrics and a mysterious disappearance.

 • 4:30-4:50 Salty is a ‘queer dramatic comedy’ which explores such topics as homophobia, substance abuse, rejection, jealousy, class, and the importance of community.

 • 5:05-5:20The most unique presentation of the afternoon will be ACT (a community theatre)’s staging of “Knee Play 1”, a piece of Philip Glass’ avant-garde opera Einstein on the Beach.  Behind a curious narration of ‘sound-poetry’, a chorus chants a near-mystical set of numbers, with provocatively challenging movement.

Drop in for one or two plays or the whole afternoon. 

Price: pay-what-you-think-is-fair admission.

More Information: www.actpei.ca  902-628-6778 ... robthomson @ pei.sympatico.ca

The PEI Community Theatre Festival is an annual event organized by ACT — this year is the 11th!

 VOLUNTEERS WANTED: We want to see if we can talk you into having a part  the PEI Community Theatre Festival. 

Organization of the Festival has proven to be effective and remarkably easy.  It’s done by a small team of three or four persons.  Mainly it involves recruiting theatre groups to take part, arranging for the venue and technician, adjudication, refreshments, publicity, awards, printed program, photography and such.  That usually takes about three meetings — in late September, mid-January and possibly late February or early March — plus some homework, of course.  We have years of experience and written materials which provide guidance for making things happen without a whole lot of stress. It’s a very worthwhile project, and the organizing is pretty straightforward -- and rewarding.

Do you think this might be something for you to get involved in?  Want to talk about it?  Give us a call, and perhaps have a coffee with one of us, or sit in on our initial planning meeting.

Rob Thomson - 902-628-6778, robthomson@pei.sympatico.ca

Kate Martin - 902-892-4384, eslkatie1@gmail.com

Kim Johnston 902-569-8563, johnstonk@hotmail.com




Our mailing address is: 


11 Beach Street

Charlottetown, PEI C1A 5G5




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