The Foreigner

October 19-22, 1995

Location: Carrefour de l’Isle-Saint-Jean, Charlottetown

Written by: Larry Shue

Director: David Sherren

Assistant Director: Nils Ling

Producer: Gerry Gray and David Sherren

Stage Manager: Wallena Higgins


David Sherren Jennifer Anderson  Doug Huskilson

Valerie Moore Keir Malone  Ed Rashed

Greg Stapleton

This was ACT’s second production.  David Sherren, the artistic force behind ACT’s early productions, was prompted by having seen The Nerd (which we subsequently staged in 1997), to do this other play by Larry Shue.  The Foreigner had a record-breaking run in New York and was considered one of America’s most popular plays.

  The story … Charlie Baker is a disconsolate British proof-reader whose wife, he has found, has been unfaithful - 23 times.  To forget his troubles, he has come with his pal Froggy Lesueur to a remote lodge in Georgia.  He’s too depressed to talk to anyone, and so Froggy puts out the cover that Charlie is “a foreigner” who doesn’t know English.  Since the other characters believe he can’t understand, they feel free to say anything around him … and they certainly do, to hilarious effect.

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