October 25-28, 2001

Mackenzie Theatre, Charlottetown


Written by: Margaret Edson

Director: Jeanne Henry, with Suzanne Jones

Stage Manager: Wallena Higgins

Producer: Gerry Gray

Properties and Costumes: Graham Lea, Marion MacKinnon, UPEI School of Nursing

Graphic Designer: Joy Tremblay


Cast: Barbara Rhodenhizer, Joan Laidlaw, Stuart Smith, Kim Gillis, Joel Meggs, John Conway, Jennifer Campbell, Aldera Chisholm, Jeff Coll, Ralph Hudson


This Pulitzer-prize-winning play, later a movie starring Emma Thompson, features an uncompromising, detached English professor who must learn compassion through the ordeal of her own, ultimately unsuccessful, cancer treatment.  As she is also the narrator of the play, this character (Barbara Rhodenhizer) never leaves the stage and has 80% of the lines.  The final performance was followed by a panel discussion organized by the Cancer Society.