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February 5-8, 2015

Location : Haviland Club, Charlottetown


Written by: Tom Stoppard


Director: Marieve MacGregor

Producer:Kimberly Johnston

Stage Manager: Melissa Piccioni

Costumes: Marion Warren

Set Pieces: Dana Parker

Props: Marieve MacGregor

Publicity: Keir Malone, Stacy Dunn

Music performance: Brian MacGregor

Reader/Stand In/Backstage: Jay Gallant



Hannah Jarvis: Kimberly Johnston

Bernard Nightingale: Tim Wartman

Septimus Hodge: Alex Johnston

Thomasina Coverly: Eden MacFadden

Lady Croom: Joscelynne Bordeaux

Chloe Coverly: Andrea Filion

Valentine Coverly: Derrick Biso

Gus Coverly: Anthony Welsh

Ezra Chater: Dana Doucette

Captain Brice: Dave Neatby

Augustus Coverly: Connor O'Halloran

Jellaby: Rex McCarville

Richard Noakes: Keir Malone

Marieve MacGregor brought the idea to put on this show because of her love of the 18th century and love of Tom Stoppard's writing.The play is intellectual, biting, mysterious, and witty. Having read the play 10 years prior and always wanting to present it, she found herself in a position to do so in 2015. She presented an idea to put on this show, which takes place in a grand house in two separate time periods (the 18th century and the present) in a grand house which has stood for nearly as long. The Haviland Club then took on the role of the Coverly estate. The entire play takes place in one room, switching between time periods, unveiling a long lost secret for the present day characters, while we see these events unfold, whether accurately or not, in the past, with all secrets left to this one room and the passage of time.  

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