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Get Involved

There`s so many ways you can get involved with us - just us the contact form to shoot us an email, or find us on Facebook. We'd be happy to answer any questions!

We are seeking proposals for our 2023/2024 season. Do you have a show in mind, or would you like help getting involved as a producer, director, stage manager or member of a crew? CONTACT US! We would love to get you on a list of people willing to help out with putting on our next season! Click here for info. 

We would love to find people willing to revive the Community Theatre Festival. To read about past festivals, and see what's involved in volunteering, click here

We are seeking people to help with a variety of committees. Email us at


Rainbow Valley, 2018

Become a Member


Little Shop of Horrors, 2016

To become a member please contact for information. Membership is $25 annually. $15 for students, seniors and the unwaged, and $40 for families. Membership gets you access to events, discounted tickets for ACT productions, monthly newsletters, and the knowledge that you are supporting local theatre! We also have an arrangement with Furrow, a company that can cast members in film and voiceover work. Stay tuned for a new electronic membership form and ways of linking up with other like-minded theatre people. 

ACT is committed to ensuring that all persons involved in ACT activities behave with dignity, honesty, integrity and respect towards others. Our Code of Conduct can be found here.


This is a guide for writing up an outline to be presented – with the cooperation of the Director of

Theatre – to the ACT Board, by a person wanting to mount a production under the aegis of ACT. It can also be found here.

Contact us at with the following information! 

The Show

• Intended Production (title, author):

• What kind of a show? (e.g. genre, what it’s about, plot sketch, compared to other pieces, etc.)

• What is the cast breakdown -- M/F? Ages?

• What motivated you to choose this play? (5 or 6 lines)

Preliminary Arrangements

• Do rights need to be secured? ... Have you made inquiries about securing the rights?

• When do you propose to mount this?

• How many performances - dates/times?

• Where? ... Is the venue available for the proposed time?

• What is the seating capacity?

• How will tickets be priced?

Production Team

• Director, with contact info:

   Previous theatre experience:

• Producer/production coordinator, with contact info:

   Previous theatre experience:

• Stage Manager:

   Previous theatre experience:

• Are there other members of the production team lined up?  Who?

Some Analysis of Likely Success

• Why will people want to come?  (e.g. reputation as film/Broadway hit; burning issue currently)

• What are the other pluses, advantages, factors which promise success?  (e.g. involves lots of participants, can use mostly existing set-pieces, catchy music)

• What cautions or challenges do you foresee?  (e.g. depends on outstanding male lead, expensive royalties, complex professional sound and lighting effects)

• Have you read (and perhaps discussed with those involved) ‘post-mortem’ reports from previous ACT productions ... so as to get a sense of some of the factors of success and difficulty experienced in shows comparable to the one you are proposing?

Preliminary Budget

• Estimated expenses: rights, scripts/scores, auditions and rehearsals, theatre charges, ticketing, set, props, costuming, hair & make-up, lighting and sound, music, choreography, coaching, publicity, graphic design, poster, theatre programme, miscellaneous

• Estimated revenue: ticket sales, sponsorship, programme advertising sales, refreshments


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