AGM Minutes

DRAFT Minutes of the 2020 AGM found here

DRAFT Minutes of the ACT GENERAL MEETING, August 23, 2020


The meeting was held at UPEI’s “Fox & Crow”, hosted by Mike Mallaley.  Present: Marti Hopson (chair), Terry Pratt (secretary), Colin Hood, Keir Malone, Rob Thomson, Kate Martin, Gordon Cobb, Brian Collins, Wallena Higgins, Margaret Brady, Sharon MacDonald, Mike Mallaley, Gerry Gray, Brenda Porter, David Gladstone, and Bryan Carr with online attendees Richard Haines, Marla Haines, Anthony Welsh and Mireille Poirier.

1. Agenda

Approved as circulated with one amendment (Motion: Keir/Kate)

2. Minutes of 2019 AGM

Accepted with correction of spelling of Mike’s name (Motion: Sharon/Kate)

3. Business Arising

The $1,000 charitable donation to honour Bunty Albert (as recommended by the production team for 12 Angry Women) was paid to the Cancer Society.

4. Reports

A. The President’s report touched on the code of conduct, the archives, partnerships, the Christmas improv show, playreadings, workshops, the Theatre Festival, the 25th-anniversary celebration, and Noises Off, and the fact that many of these, along with Board meetings after March 9, had to be cancelled because of COVID-19.  The Board met again in July, as did the production team for Noises Off.  This production will occur when it can occur.

B. The Director of Theatre enlarged on the productions.  The improv show was in a good venue but with a smaller audience than previously, and netted about $1,000.  Noises Off will need a large audience to break even, though costs have been well managed.  There is the possibility of a Christmas production at the Fox & Crow and at Watermark.


C. Brian Collins, Events Coordinator, reported on three play readings.  Further readings and workshops were planned but had to be cancelled.  He thanked Natalia Goodwin, who had been co-coordinator before moving away.


D. Gordon Cobb, Sponsorships, reported that about $3100 had been raised for Noises Off.   It was agreed that these sponsors will be kept up to date on plans.

E. Margaret Brady, Treasurer, spoke to her report as circulated.  She thanked Mar Thomson for her continuing work as ACT’s accountant.


5. General Discussion

Various ideas were put forward:  1. The new Board should discuss the feasibility of workshops and readings on-line.  2. More information should be available to new members.  3. ACT should promote community theatre in general, partly by returning to “ACT-outs”.  4. ACT has not done a large-scale production for some years partly because smaller groups have sprung up, taking away some of the energy.  These smaller groups do not necessarily want to cleave to ACT policies, such as open auditions, non-payment of actors, etc.  5. ACT should organize a strategic workshop to look at different ways of producing plays in these altered times.  6. ACT should listen to younger people more, if we want to keep them interested.  7. Groups that made proposals for the cancelled Community Theatre Festival should be encouraged in general.  8. A survey could be conducted to see what kind of theatre the public will accept at present.  9. Workshops should be considered that will take the scariness out of production roles such as Director, Producer, Stage Manager.


6. Report of the Nominating Committee

The President, Treasurer, Director of Theatre, and Membership Secretary (elected positions) are slated to continue for another year, as is the Past-President.  The current Events Coordinator and the current Sponsorship Coordinator (appointed positions) are also willing to serve a second year.   

David Gladstone volunteered to co-coordinate Events, and will be confirmed by the new Board.

 Colin Hood was nominated and acclaimed as Vice-President for a two-year term.  

The position of Secretary is also a two-year, elected term.  There was no nominee from the committee or the floor; Mireille Poirier is willing to serve for one year, and can be appointed as such by the new Board.

The Nominating Committee was struck.


7. Adjournment 

The new Board will meet in September, if possible at the Guild.  The meeting adjourned (Motion: Keir/Gerry) after thanks from the floor to the 2019-20 Board and to Marti Hopson in particular.

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