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AGM Minutes

DRAFT Minutes of the 2021 AGM found here

Minutes of the ACT PEI AGM


August 15, 2021


Fox & Crow, UPEI


In Attendance: Marti Hopson, Colin Hood, Mike Mallaley, Virginia Harris, Keir Malone, Shelley Tamtom, Pam Jewell, Cyril Armstrong, Robbin Ward, Kate Martin, Sharon MacDonald, Anthony Welsh, Amanda Rae Gallant, Wallena Higgins, Leonard Bannister, Bretton Bannister, Rob Thomson, Brian Collins


Present Via Zoom: Umara Muhammad


Adoption of Agenda: The only change to be made to the agenda was regarding the order - Award Presentation moved to second order of business.


Kate moved approval; Keir seconded, carried.


Presentation of Award:


The Bill McFadden Award was created in 2020 in memory of Bill McFadden, recipient of the 2020 ACT Community Theatre Award. Bill’s wishes were for the monetary award to be given back in the form of an award for a graduating student who is actively involved in theatre. 


This year’s recipient of the award is Bretton Bannister. Bretton is planning to continue his studies in musical theatre in Toronto, with the hopes of living and working in New York after graduation.


Approval of Minutes of AGM 2020: Sharon moved approval; Kate seconded, carried.


New Business:


During the 2020 AGM, the previous years’ shows were reviewed, and future plans regarding shows were made, including adjunct theatre events. However, Covid-19 restrictions have continued to be in place, affecting many of those plans. No new business to report.




Full reports are available in the AGM 2021 Google Drive folder. The following were summaries of the various portfolios:


President’s Remarks


Marti commented that one ongoing issue is finding people to commit to certain jobs, i.e. production, other behind-the-scenes, for larger events, productions, etc. It is difficult for ACT PEI to stage larger-scale shows without people willing to step into these various jobs. 



Marti reviewed the financial statements which were prepared by Mar Thomson. These were the project income summary, year end balance statement, and year end income statement. Highlights of the reports included shows/events that earned a profit in 2020.


Brian moved approval to accept the financial reports; Shelley seconded, carried. 


Director of Theatre


Mike gave a brief review of the performances in the past year, which were It’s a Wonderful Life, and the Community Theatre Festival. He thanked everyone who participated and helped out with these two events. 


Noises Off is currently being planned for spring of 2022. ACT is also interested in ideas regarding a Christmas production for the end of 2021. 


Other Portfolios


Brian thanked David for his assistance with the various events in the past year. 


Sharon re-iterated that in the past year, due to Covid-19, some memberships were not paid up to date. In the wake of Covid-19, regulations regarding membership payments will be a discussion. One issue that arose from this meeting is whether it will be necessary to continue with membership fees going forward. Sharon also indicated that the Beach House is in need of cleaning soon.


Colin spoke of the arts grant that was awarded to ACT by the City of Charlottetown earlier this year. This award of $750 was meant to go to specific events held by ACT. It was intended that some would be used for the Community Theatre Festival, but we did not receive confirmation of the grant until the Festival had passed. Therefore, Colin will determine if the money can all be deferred to Noises Off. 




The nomination committee consisted of Marti, Colin and Keir. 


Virginia (secretary), Sharon (membership/community liason), Gordon (sponsorship), Anthony (member at large), Brian (events) and Umara (UPEI rep) will continue in their current roles. Mike has been re-elected as Director of Theatre. 


Colin has been elected as president (2 years), and Marti is now past president (2 years). Leonard Bannister has been elected as treasurer (2 years). Keir will remain as a member of the board. Amanda Rae Gallant has also been elected to join the board doing events, along with Brian. Shelley Tamtom has also been elected to join the board. 


There are currently two board openings - one is for vice-president (one year), and Holland College rep (one year).


Motion to Strike Nomination Committee: Keir moved approval; Colin seconded, carried.


Other Business:


Rob gave a special thanks to Marti for all of her work during her time as president. Marti gave thanks to everyone on the board and in attendance for their contributions.


Pam also brought up the issue of the current state of the Beach House. She is concerned about its status, and wondering what can be done for improvements. A discussion was held regarding government grants which may be available for assistance, specific jobs that will need to be done, and how to work around changing conditions (i..e humidity in the summer). This will need to be explored further and there could be discussions at future ACT board meetings.


Keir moved approval to adjourn; Amanda seconded, carried.



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