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AGM Minutes

DRAFT Minutes of the 2023 AGM found here

ACT AGM minutes -- August 13, 2023 - DRAFT


Present:  Colin Hood, Mike Mallaley, Sharon MacDonald, Gordon Cobb, Leonard Bannister, Cryil Armstrong, Rob Thomson, Wallena Higgins, Brenda Porter, Jennifer Shields, Terry Pratt, Kate Martin, Brian Collins, Leigh Emmerson, Lambert Garceau, Pam Jewell, Keir Malone, Carter Baird


Colin called the meeting to order.


Agenda:With the addition of copies of plays available ( Carter Baird) Kate  moved the adoption of the agenda;Terry seconded.


Minutes of the 2022 AGM:  Brian moved acceptance; Rob seconded.


1. President's Report:  Colin noted that it was a challenging year.  Highlights:  production of Noises Off and the change in membership dues ( by donation, minimum of $10). 


2. Treasurer's report:  Leonard reported a balance of $39,588.35 as of June 30.   Colin thanked Mar Thomson for her diligent work in keeping track of ACT's financial records.


3.  Director of Theatre:  Mike reported the successful production of Noises Off in spite of more Covid hiccups; ( directed by Keir Malone;  Stage Manager: Sharon MacDonald;  Producer Marti Hopson).  Noises Off had a profit of $3035.   West Moon will be performed at the Watermark Theatre in late October ( director: Brian Collins;  Stage Manager:  Sharon MacDonald).


4.  Communications:  no report


5. Membership  & Community Liaison:  Trial change to membership dues;  As of July 31 membership stood at 10 life members and 24 paid-up members.   Eden Boudreau was awarded the $100 ACT bursary.  SInce she was not able to attend the AGM, arrangements will be made to present her with the cheque.  Havenwood Dance Studio and the Guild summer program borrowed costumes and props.


6. Events:  Brian reported a quiet year.  There was a reading of A Climate Christmas Carol by Rob MacLean and Dr. Adam Fenech ( director of the UPEI Climate Lab).; followed by a producers' workshop by Rob Thomson, plus a reading of West Moon.


7. Beach House Report:  Colin reported that, as Terry Pratt who owns the BH, is planning to sell it, ACT has made the P{EI Theatre community aware of the situation.  Becca Griffin , through Creative PEI, plans a presentation(?) to showcase the history of the Beach House.  Whatever the outcome, ACT membership will have to decide  what to do about the contents, a subject for future discussion.


Nominating Committee:  President: Teresa Wright;  Vice-President: Mike Mullaley;  Treasurer:  Leonard Bannister; Director of Theatre:  Keir Malone; Secretary: Leigh Emmerson.  At the next meeting Gordon, Sharon, Tony,  Brian Matthie, Marti, Lindsay, Amy Sobol and Carter Baird will be invited and positions will be determined.


Trial Membership proposal:  Sharon Moved that ACT adopt the proposal ( by donation, $10 minimum);  Keir seconded;  carried.


Pam Jewell would like to continue as caretaker of the costumes.  Colin proposed that Pam, Cyril and Kate be invited to any discussions about the Beach House contents.


Colin moved to adjourn the meeting;  Carter seconded.

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