AGM Minutes

DRAFT Minutes of the 2019 AGM found here

ACT AGM 2019 Minutes August 17th, 2019   *-DRAFT-*


Present:  Mireille, Anthony, Sharon, Margaret, Robin, Mark, Wallena, Cyril, Brian, Natalia, Brenda, Gerry, Kate, Rob, Keir, Colin, Mike, Jennifer, Terry, Ray, Marti, Afton, Kate, Barbara


1. Adoption of agenda - Keir asks if there are any additions to the agenda.  Keir moves that the agenda be accepted. Moved.  


2. Minutes of 2018 AGM (Mireille)  - Change:  "Rob Thompson proposes" to "Rob Thomson reminds" them that the community theatre festival is now an ACT event.  Mireille will note the change in the minutes. Mireille moves that the minutes be accepted. Seconded by Jennifer. Minutes accepted.  


New Business arising from the minutes: Sponsorship board member Gordon Cobb is working on this and writing proposals.  


Partnership with Furrow - creation of a database.  No actors have been hired to date. The partnership will continue for another year.  


3. Reports:  


President - Keir Malone - Keir’s mandate has been to modernise ACT.  Within the last two years we have overhauled our constitution and moved things into bylaws.  We reached out to members of the community to make new partnerships. We have instituted a code of conduct. We have revamped the way we have done our meetings. Reports are sent out to people before hand and are read by the board and discussion is had if there are questions about the reports.  We have a three tier system of artistic, critical, and financial merit. For the last two years ACT has put money in the bank for future generations to continue to do shows. Another modernisation that ACT board members worked on, was the updating of the website. Our old website is now defunct and we now have a new website designed and constructed by Marti.  All info from the old site, photos, etc, will go on the new site. Keir commends and congratulates the board and all involved in shows in any way for a successful two years during his term as president. 


Treasurer - $4700 revenue.  Shows did quite well. Net gain of $13000 this year.  Terry questioned about the charitable donation to be made on behalf of 12AW - it will be done in September.  Kate motions the report be accepted. Robin seconds. Report accepted.  


Membership and Community Liaison - approx 75 members.  Code of Conduct will be signed when the membership application is filled out.  Sharon says that on the new membership form, there is an OPT OUT option for the database.  Sharon moves that her report be accepted. Ray seconds. Report accepted.  


Director of Theatre report - Keir thanks Grace for all her hard work as DoT.  No shows are upcoming, but there are a few possibilities that are strong probabilities.  The season will include events, so that no ACT event - shows, rehearsals, etc. will overlap.  


Nominating Committee - Brenda - This year’s nominating committee consisted of Brenda, Keir and Sharon.  


Sharon will continue in her present position. Gordon will also continue with his present position.  Non elected positions will be Natalia Goodwin and Brian Collins (Events), Mike Mullaly and Colin Hood (Communications), Keir (Past president). Veronica Jendrick and Anthony Walsh will participate in committee work.  Brenda moves that her report be accepted. Rob seconds. Report is accepted.  


5. Elections - Marti Hopson is elected as president (2 years).  Mireille Poirier is elected as VP (one year). Terry Pratt is elected as secretary (one year).  Margaret Brady is elected as treasurer (2 years). Brenda hereby retires as chair of the nominating committee.  


Rob Thomson recognises Brenda Porter for all her hard work throughout her time with ACT as president, past president, board member, committee member, etc. 


Director of Theatre is an unfilled position currently but we are still looking for a replacement for Grace.  Grace is also willing to train a new DoT.  


6. Notice of Future meetings


First board meeting - Monday, September 9, 5:15pm, Guild

Any member is welcome to attend, they are not allowed to vote.  



Minutes of the 2018 AGM found here



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