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2021 Community

Theatre Festival 

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April 24 , 2021, at the Fox and Crow Pub at UPEI. Thank you the Mike Mallaley, Sharon MacDonald and a variety of other volunteers for organizing the festival! Thank you to photographers David Gladstone and Phil Matusiewicz.

The Festival has grown in popularity since its resurgence in 2010. In past years, hundreds of audience-people dropped in, commonly to watch two or three of the afternoon’s performances -- a fine mix of subtle comedy, slapstick, intense drama, legend, musical, even some fine improv.  Past festivals can be seen here, listed by year. 

Ferret Envy
Written by Tara Meddaugh
Director: Lauren Thomson
Jyoti: Lauren Thomson

Jyoti is in her late 20’s. She has just murdered her roommate’s ferret (Foozu) due to jealousy and wanting her roommate’s complete attention. Julia (her roommate) has just walked into their living room to find Jyoti with a knife over Foozu’s box.

Written by Malcolm Murray
Director: Jay Gallant
Stage Manager: Kim Johnston
Actors: Amy Lynn,
Sophie Jane MacInnis, Jay Gallant, Noah Nazim, Graham Putnam, Maryanne Fitzpatrick

An absurdist comedy


Apple Bones
Written by Jennifer Platts-Fanning
Director: Keir Malone
Mother Nature: Amanda Rae Gallant
Lily: Alyssa Malone
Clive: Bretton Bannister
Nash: Keir Malone
Oakley: Afton Mondoux
Wren: Marti Hopson
Violinist: Susan Hughes
Music: Homemaker

Imagine a world … a green era when procreation is problematic for the planet. Having children? … definitely frowned upon. But Mother Nature weaves her tale, and Lily’s rounded tummy provokes strong emotions and consequent mayhem.

Deenie's Exit - Excerpt
Written by Louise Burley
Director: Francis Bird
Deenie: Barbara Rhodenizer
Ruby: Jessica Gauthier
Max: Rex McCarville
Peter: Gordon Cobb
A 95 year old woman is sick of old age: the physical hardships, the loneliness, the boredom etc. She decides to quietly stop eating and end the ordeal. She has a close friend Max who visits her at her retirement home and they read literature together. Deenie persuades Max that she and he should write a play about an old lady who decides to do herself in. Max doesn't know the fiction is fact.


The Valiant
Written by Holworthy Hall and Robert Middlemass
Director: Mike Mallaley
Stage Manager: Colin Hood
Warden Holt: Brian Collins
James Dyke: Adam Gauthier
Josephine Paris: Jenna Marie Holmes
Father Daly: Mike Malalley
Jailer (Dan): Reece Hunter
Attendant: Anthony Welsh
The Valiant tells the story of James Dyke, a confessed murderer who has been sentenced to die and now awaits his fate on death row at a prison in Wethersfield, Connecticut. The only problem is that no one knows who he really is or where he comes from, and he is determined to take his secret to the grave.


This is a great chance to get involved and support local theatre. If you are interested in volunteering backstage, in front of house or other areas - get in touch ! 


 VOLUNTEERS WANTED: We want to see if we can talk you into having a part  the PEI Community Theatre Festival. 

Organization of the Festival has proven to be effective and remarkably easy.  It’s done by a small team of three or four persons.  Mainly it involves recruiting theatre groups to take part, arranging for the venue and technician, adjudication, refreshments, publicity, awards, printed program, photography and such. To join us, contact us at

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