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Location: Robert Cotton Park, Stratford 

Written by: William Shakespeare 

Dates: August 29-30, September 5-7, 2015 


Director: Terry Pratt 

Stage Manager, Props Mistress:

Sharon MacDonald 

Producer, Photographer, Props Maker:

Bunty Albert 

Costume Designer and Builder: Pam Jewell 

Fencing Choreographer, Coach: Philip Stewart 

Ticketing, Front of House: David Neatby 

Publicity: Ron Ryder 

Music Arrangements: Carl Mathis 

Assistant Stage Manager: Alex Cairns 

Graphic Design: Christina Gaudet 

Crew: Ann Greyborn, Cyril Armstrong, Gerry Gray, Kevin Peterson, Lily Hickox 

Costume & Props: Hélene LaPalme, Anne Jameison, Karen Beauregard, Vanessa Brown, Alison Gordon, Brenda Porter, Emilie Maquignaz, Clancey Beagan, Mariève MacGregor, Melissa Piccioni



Horatio: Ashley Clark 

Gertrude: Catherine MacDonald 

Polonius/Priest: Gordon Cobb 

Laertes/Rosencrantz/Player 1/Gravedigger 2:

Keir Malone 

Ophelia: Lindsay Gillis 

Hamlet: T. Noah J. Nazim 

Claudius/Ghost: Richard Haines 

Osric/Guildenstern/Player 2/Gravedigger 1: Sara McCarthy 


Another of ACT’s Shakespeare in the Park series, this production of the world’s most famous play was done with the excellent cooperation of the Town of Stratford and its staff. The director, Terry Pratt, noted that there were three different versions of the play during Shakespeare’s time, that almost every director makes choices and cuts, and that he had “cut more ruthlessly than most for the sake of standing audience members”. Pratt also doubled parts in order to have the pleasure of working with just eight actors. The audience moved around the park for the various scenes and were transported to Elsinore by Shakespeare’s words and masterful Elizabethan-style costumes. Parking, golf carts for those with mobility challenges, Front of House, and skillful props manoevring were all handled by a busy crew of volunteers.  

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