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HMS Pinafore

May 23 & 24, 1997

Main Stage, Confederation Centre, Charlottetown

Written by: W.S. Gilbert (lyrics) and Arthur Sullivan (music)

Director: Terry Pratt

Music Director: Owen Aylward

Pianists: Helen Stewart MacRae, Helen Holman

Producers: Rob Thomson & Gerry Gray

Stage Manager: Wallena Higgins


Pinafore is one of the most performed shows in history — on stage somewhere in the world virtually any week in any year … because it is such good fun.  It’s a wonderfully silly spoof of Victorian British snobbery.  It’s a comic musical/opera, filled with well-known ditties and witty repartee.

Sir Joseph, First Lord of the Admiralty, plans to marry Josephine, daughter of a mere Captain.  She in turn plans to elope (with the crew’s connivance) with Rafe Rackstraw, a mere sailor.  All is changed when Buttercup (who runs a floating convenience store for the fleet) comes forth to reveal her fateful secret of mistaken identity.  The rousing conclusion promises a triple wedding — Hurrah!

Mounting Pinafore was a big decision for ACT because of the large scale:  40 people on stage plus a medium-size orchestra, a budget $16,000, and a difficult debate about whether to risk the Confederation Centre’s Main Stage.  It did pay off, and led to production of several other G&S comic operas in subsequent years.


Josephine: Lindsay Michael

Rafe: Greg Ellard

Captain Corcoran:David McMullen

Sir Joseph:Raymond Moore

Buttercup:Lori Linkletter

Dick Deadeye: Ben Kinder

… plus Valerie Moore, René Hurtubise, Ivan Dowling … total cast of 40

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