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Inherit the Wind

April 24-27, 2014

Trinity United Church, Charlottetown

Written by: Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee

Director: John Moses

Producer: Jennifer Shields

Stage Manager: Sharon MacDonald


Lead Actors:

Drummond (Clarence Darrow): Terry Pratt

Brady (William Jennings Bryan): David Bulger

The cast totalled 33 actors of all ages.

This tense drama was a free adaption of what happened at the famous ‘Scopes Monkey Trial’ in Dayton Tennessee in July 1925, when civic leaders promoted a case to test a new state law which forbade the teaching of evolution.  The trial became a media circus, pitting fundamentalist creationism against evolution and science.

The play was first presented in 1955, in the wake of the McCarthy anti-communist hearings when freedom of thought was under attack in the US.


The production was a partnership of ACT and Trinity United Church, proposed by the church’s minister John Moses.  Two of the evenings included a dinner.  It was ACT’s 50th show.

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