Noises Off - Postponed


'Noises Off’, by Michael Frayn offers a plethora of challenges to any amateur or professional theatre group. The action is fast paced, the props fly across the stage and the entire set needs to be moved….. twice. The plot tracks a motley group of thespians trying to put on a touring show… in which nothing goes according to plan. Action and intrigue, both on and off stage, play a major role in this farce. So does the slamming of seemingly endless doors in the two-story set – a set that is so central to the story, it might deserve top billing! Nonetheless, ACT (a community theatre) decided they were up for the challenge. 


Performances are on hold, and will be rescheduled.

For Keir Malone, director of the upcoming production, a big part of the appeal of ‘Noises Off’ is giving the audience a farcical, exaggerated look behind the curtain – into what is involved in putting on a play. Says Malone, “For every moment you see on stage, there is the story of how the actors got there, and the possibility that it will go wrong. That’s live theatre!” ACT produced this show in 1996- a show that included many well-known actors and production crew members. This time around, the cast includes: Brian Collins, Emily Anne Fullerton, Adam Gauthier, Marti Hopson, Mike Mallaley, Cameron Bennett MacDonald, Kathryn Nazim, Noah Nazim and Laura Stapleton. (most photos provided by Brian Collins, Landwash Studios)

NOTICE : concerning COVID-19

We are heartbroken to let you know that the production of 'Noises Off' by Micheal Frayn has been postponed. All ticket holders will receive a refund for the ticket price, please allow a few days for this to occur. Contact Florence Simmons or us if there is any issue. Once new dates are selected. they will be announced. For a farce about how things can go awry in theatre, what better example of life imitating art! Please consider supporting ACT and all other amateur and professional entertainers during this time. When things have resolved, go out and get some culture!


The group is extremely lucky to have Garnett Gallant joining them for set design and construction. Gallant, with almost 50 years of theatre experience (notably with the Confederation Centre of the Arts), is currently building the intricate set in pieces.  Building has always been a favourite interest, and when ACT (a community theatre) asked for his help in designing and constructing the set for ‘Noises Off’ he was glad to oblige.


The set has to be constructed in many small pieces, one floor at a time, and then pieced together like a puzzle. The first floor will be built …. and then deconstructed and put away. Next, the second floor will be built. It won’t be until very close to opening night that all the pieces will be assembled in one place, and the finishing touches are complete. Gallant is primarily concerned with safety.


He says it is important for not just the actors, but for the entire team, to feel secure. That the props person can place an object, or the director can ask for certain blocking, and everyone knows that the set will support them safely. The actors will only have a few days on the set to rehearse this farce, which is filled with physical comedy.The ‘community’ of community theatre is a big reason why Garnett Gallant says he is happy to be involved. It is not just the actors, but the entire team of stage managers and production crew (including Brenda Porter, Kate Martin and Pam Jewel) that have come together from all over PEI to build this show. As well, ACT is very grateful that ‘Noises off’ will be sponsored by North Rustico Home Hardware. When approached by Gallant, Chris Buote (manager and owner) agreed to support the production with over $1000 worth of materials needed for the complicated set. ACT is also fortunate to have financial support  PEI Council of People with Disabilities. Other sponsors include Bluefield Realty, HR Atlantic, the Lowther Group, Charlottetown Veterinary Clinic, Steph Betts, Lisa Goulden, Gordon Cobb, Upstreet Brewing, Carr's Oyster Bar, Red Island Cider, the Fox and Crow and a certain dental clinic on Belvedere Avenue. 

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Would you like to be part of the show? ACT has sponsorship opportunities starting at $50! Help us build this marvellous set and support local theatre. We offer packages including complimentary tickets to opening night, advertising in our program, and placement on our website and on social media, as well as mentions before each show. Click here for more information!

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