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A Child's Garden of Verses

December 28-31, 1996

Location: The Mack (David MacKenzie theatre)

Written by: Hank Stinson, based on the poems of Robert Louis Stevenson

Director: Hank Stinson

Music: Helen Stewart MacCrae

Producer: Karen Swanson

Stage Manager: unknown


Blaine Hrabi: the Shadow

Valerie Moore: the Nurse

Mark Stevenson: Big Man

Tyler Hatcher-Gallant: Smout, the boy

ACT wanted to offer something for families during the Christmas holiday week. Hank, long-time actor in and otherwise contributor to The Charlottetown Festival, and long-time friend of ACT folks, offered this musical play, conveying the imaginative poems of the famous book by Robert Louis Stevenson.

It is about a small boy (Stevenson, in fact) who is sick in bed with tuberculosis. His shadow comes to take him on a nocturnal adventure. Together they take a train ride to the ocean, fight a pitched battle at sea, and outwit a giant (Big Man), all before breakfast.

A choir of mainly young people sang musical settings of the poems.

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