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A Violet in the Snow / Gift of the Magi

The Gift of the Magi & A Violet in the Snow

Dates: 27-30 December, 1997

Location: MacKenzie Theatre, Charlottetown

Producer: Mark Knudson

Stage Manager: unknown

The Gift of the Magi

Written by: Peter Ekstrom,

adapted from the story by O. Henry

Director: Lori Linkletter

Cast: Greg Ellard and Erin Crosby

A Violet in the Snow

Written by: Scott Ellsworth

Director: Scott Ellsworth

Cast: unknown

The idea was to offer a family-friendly show during the Christmas-holiday week. Violet in the Snow played in the afternoon, and The Gift of the Magi in the evening.

The Gift of the Magi was an adaptation of a short story by O. Henry, about a young husband and wife buying Christmas gifts for each other with very little money. Della sells her hair in order to buy Jim a watch-chain; Jim sells his watch in order to buy Della a set of hair-combs. The theme is sacrifice out of love, with allusion to the original gifts brought by the three magi.

Violet in the Snow - regrettably we do not have information about this original play which Scott Ellsworth wrote and directed.

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