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An Evening of Fairy Tales:Mirror Mirror & Not-So-Grimm Tales

February 7-9, 2013

The Guild, Charlottetown

Written by: Bruce Kane, Kevin Bean

Directors: Keir Malone, Marla Haines & Frances Squire

Producer: Richard Haines

Stage Manager: Virginia Harris

Costumes: Ranee Weselak

Props: Marla Haines

Graphic Design: Maggie Lillo

Photography: Bunty Albert

Cast for Not So Grimm Tales

Mother: Olivia Wigmore

Daughter: Vanessa Rice

Little Red: Gillian Gallivan

Wolf/Worker #2: Danny “Toast” Wartman

Morgana: Arielle VanIderstine

Snow White: Ester Li

Charming/Mir’ah: Graeme Zinck

Fairy Godmother/Mr. Prince: Sam Rainnie

Cast for Mirror Mirror

Narrator: Ian Cheverie

Stepmother: Lana Mill

Mirror: Tim Wartman

Sleeping Beauty: Olivia Barnes

Prince 1, Prince 3, Prince 204, Prince Charming’s Daughter: Robyn Lynn Cypher

Prince 2, Prince 203, Prince Charming: Cameron Bennett MacDonald

‘Not So Grimm Tales’ started with a desire, on the part of the directors, to engage more youth in dramatic theatre. The talented group of students were part of the Sears Atlantic Festival in 2012 and brought the play to this production. The two plays were part of an evening that was intended to bring younger audiences into the theatre.

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