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Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper: Monster of Whitechapel

October 24-25, 30-31, 2008

Carrefour de l'Isle-Saint-Jean, Charlottetown

Written by: Joe Dickinson

Director: Richard Haines

Stage Manager: Bethany Mayne

Producer: Adam Gauthier

Costume Design: Pam Jewell

Cast: Mrs. Dobbs: Margaret MacEachern Officer O'Connell: Adam Gauthier Phillip Poole: Joe MacDonald Polly Poole: Sherri-Lee Darrach Ernestine Pankhurst: Dawn Doiron William: Rob Reddin Dr. Winslow: Fraser MacCallum Commisioner Warren: Greg Chandler Angela Ellison: Joanne McKenna Pegeen: Barbara Rhodenhizer Hogarth: Stephan Parent Jack's Female Victims: Morgan Varis

Richard Haines, director, chose to do this show because tales of terror inflame people’s imaginations – and especially at Hallowe’en.

The terrifying true story of the London serial killer who was never caught becomes, in this version, a comedy. As Richard said in his program note, “I can think of more fun way to celebrate Hallowe’en than by pulling out the best spook of them all, and laughing at him now.”

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