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Jesus Christ Superstar

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

Dates: November 4-6, 2004

Location: Confederation Centre of the Arts Mainstage

Lyrics by: Tim Rice

Music by: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Stage Director: Allie McCrady

Musical Director: Shirley Anne Cameron

Choreographer: Julia Sauvé

Lighting Design: Paul Druet

Set Design: Anne Putnam, Garnett Gallant

Costume Design: Pam Jewell

Producers: Brenda Porter, Gerry Gray

Stage Manager: Wallena Higgins

Costume Construction: Pam Jewell (head), Karen Beauregard, Lucy Hickey, Linda Kerr, Valerie Moore, Tammy Rose

Props: Stacy Dunn, Veronica Brown, Janet Macdonald

Production Assistants: Kathleen Murphy, Paul Whelan

Graphics Design: Fred Louder

Publicists: Rob Thomson (Coordinator), Rebecca Black, Mike Wedge


Jesus Christ: Jeremy Hickey

Judas Iscariot: Albert Kays

Mary Magdalene: Maria Campbell

Peter: Ian Reid

Simon Zealotes: Willie Beck

Apostles: Robbie Doherty, Ken Gay, Gerry Gray, Graham Lea, Raymond Moore, Kevin O’Brien, Mark Ramsay

Apostles’ Wives: Pat Doyle, Valerie Moore, Debi Voye

Annas: Nick Whelan

Crowd: Annette Campbell, Sydney Richardson-Carr, Richard Haines, Ruth Lacey, Lisa Mabey, Sandra MacNeill, Chris Moore, Carl Phillips, Barbara Rhodenhizer

Children: Bryana Cook, Haley Doherty, Courtney Francis, Paige LeClair, Lucas MacArthur, Tessa Mossey

Dancers: Kyla Cook, Lisa Mabey, Diana Love, Mariève MacGregor, Joy Phillips, Janna Thomson

Calaphas, High priest: Stéphane Parent

Priests: Doug Gallant, Carl Phillips

Soldiers: Rob Thomson, Tony Welsh

King Herod: John D. Farrell

Jesus Christ Superstar, the rock opera, which launched the careers of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, was the first non-Gilbert and Sullivan musical to be presented by ACT and the hit musical’s first appearance on a PEI stage. It was a significant effort for ACT. Director Allie McCrady noted that all involved in the production “had approached it with respect for its historical and biblical characters” and hoped that the audience would consider it a gift from those involved. They did. As the production dates approached, enthusiasm mounted in the community (there was indeed a “buzz”) and days before opening night the show was sold out. The audience response was overwhelmingly positive and reviews were enthusiastic as well. The production made a significant profit for ACT’s coffers.

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