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May 30 - June 1 + June 6-8 (two weekends), 2002 Carrefour de l’Isle-Saint-Jean, Charlottetown Written by: Agatha Christie Director: Monique Lafontaine Producer: Rob Thomson Associate Producer: Jennifer Shields Stage Manager: Wallena Higgins ASM - Ben Kinder Music: original score by Carl Mathis Cast: Mollie - Mary Joan Campbell Miss Casewell - Aldera Chisholm Christopher - Kirk MacKinnon Major Metcalf -Terry Pratt Mr. Paravicini - Rob Thomson Mrs. Boyle - Barbara Rhodenhizer Giles - Christian Gavard Sgt. Trotter - Joey Weale Mr. & Mrs. Barlow - Carl Bagnall and Mar Thomson

A typical Agatha Christie mystery, believed to be the inspiration for the board-game Clue. The longest running English play in history - more than a half-century in London’s West End. Adapted to Prince Edward Island: 8 people cooped up in a big bed-and-breakfast during a blizzard. From radio broadcasts and a phone-call, it becomes evident that a murderer is among them, wanting to kill another two victims. Every person is a suspect, and audiences were invited to guess ‘who-dunnit’ … and, following a theatre convention, not reveal the outcome to others. The ending is a big surprise.

Added touches … • Carl Bagnall ‘won’ his role via a PEI Symphony auction • An original music score was composed by Carl Mathis, with a signature tune for each character. • Fancy refreshments were served, allegedly from the kitchen of Monkswell Manor (the murder scene); inspired by the play’s title, cheese and cheesecake were featured.

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