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Murder in the Cathedral

Dates: August 26-28, 2004

Location: St. Mary’s Church, Indian River

Written by: T.S.Eliot

Stage Director: Terry Pratt

Music Director: Carl Mathis

Producer: Jennifer Shields

Stage Manager: Erin Fagan

Assistant Stage Manager: Kevin Peterson

Costume Design: Pam Jewell

Costume Assistants: Joy Martin. Rosemary Mathis, Rachel Fitzpatrick, Cindy Burton

Graphic Design: Chloé Cork, Fred Louder

Lighting Design: William Leuty, Carl Mathis

Program: Fred Louder

Publicity: Brenda Porter, Stacy Dunn

Advertising sales: Greg Hughes

Indian River Festival Liaison: René Hurtubise


Women of Canterbury Chorus: Ruth Lacey, Katherine Clough, Sharon Eyster, Sophia Wong, Betty Pickering, Anne Furlong, Lana MacAusland, Janet MacDonald, Jennifier Shields, Kelly Cooper, Alanna James

Three Priests of the Cathedral: Rick Burger, Cyril Armstrong, Fred Louder

A Messenger: Carl Phillips

Thomas Becket: Clive Keen

Four Tempters: Allan Hammond, Raymond Moore, Kenneth Gay, Hugh Jones

Three Altar Boys: Timothy O’Brien, Spencer Wigmore, Brandon Gallant

Four Knights: Gerry Gray, Rhéal Lacroix, Richard Sparkes, William Leuty

Indian River Festival Chorus, directed by Carl Mathis

This production was done in cooperation with St. Mary’s Church under the banner of the Indian River Festival. The story of the play is that of the martyrdom of Thomas Becket in December of 1170 and Eliot’s masterpiece, a play in verse, is recognized as a classic. It has been performed worldwide. Director Terry Pratt wrote that “it is still best experienced in a church”. As such, ACT’s production was “location theatre”, some of the action taking place beside and behind the audience in the stunning St. Mary’s Church setting. The Women of Canterbury Chorus harkened back to the chorus in ancient Greek tragedy and set the mood for the action. As an integral part of the production, the Indian River Festival Chorus sang Gregorian chant.

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