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Seven Stories

October 14-16, 1999

Location: Carrefour de l’Isle-Saint-Jean, Charlottetown

Written by: Morris Panych

Director: Lisa MacNeil

Producer: Greg Hughes

Stage Manager: Wallena Higgins-Gray; ASM Kim Gillis


Ben Kinder, Barb Rhodenhizer, Greg Stapleton,

Greg Ellard, Monique Lafontaine, Nick Kenny, Katie Baker

A Canadian comedy with provocative punch. ‘The Man’ is standing on the ledge of the seventh story, contemplating leaping to his death. He is interrupted by a smorgasbord of colourful residents and visitors who are too caught up in their own lives to even notice him, let alone question his being on the ledge. They appear in the seven windows of the seventh story.

What a bunch … a bickering couple in a tempestuous affair; an air-head party guest and another fad-following guest; the party’s host who loves parties but not the people who attend; a paranoid psychiatrist; a former actor who is gay, but about to marry an heiress; a hyper-religious woman who puts God in everything; an obsessively sensitive artist and his too-supportive lover; a 100-year-old woman and her apparently callous nurse; plus a handful of observer/commentators in the building opposite.

It’s a play of dialogue … but the Man himself has almost none until the end when he explains why he’s out on the ledge.

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