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Rainbow Valley

November 8, 9, 10 and 15, 16, 17, 2018

Saturdays matinee and evening

The Guild, Charlottetown

Adapted for the stage by Hank Stinson

from the novel by L.M. Montgomery

Music by: Dean Burry

Director: Hank Stinson

Music and Assistant Stage Director: Marti Hopson

Orchestral Arrangements: Natalie Williams-Calhoun

Stage Manager: Sharon MacDonald

Producers: Veronica Jendrick / Mireille Poirier

Set: Cyril Armstrong and Sharon MacDonald

Choreography: Mystaya Idt

Photography: David Gladstone (and Mireille Poirier)

Una Meredith: Fiona Moak and Keili Johnston

Faith Merdith: Brooklyn Riley

Carl Meredith: George Woods and Jace MacPherson

Gerry Meredith: Joe Moak and James Ronahan

Mary Vance: Hannah McGaughey

Kitty Alec Davis: Shelley Tamtom

Rosemary West: Samantha Bruce

John Meredith: Colin Hood

Norman Douglas: Corin McFadden

Chorus: Cyril Armstrong, Kady Bruce (understudy for Rosemary), Marion Copleston, Tony Reddin, Lori Ronahan

Alley Cat Orchestra

Violin: Anastaysia Missan

Flute: Mireille Poirier

Piano: Yasmin Lau

Clarinet: Paige Campbell

Cello/Fiddle: Laurie Forsyth

Accordion: Marti Hopson

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