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School For Scandal

Nov. 16-19 and 23-26, 2006

Location: The Guild, Charlottetown

Written by: Richard Sheridan

Director: Terry Pratt

Stage Manager: Wallena Higgins

Producer: Jennifer Shields

Costume Design: Pam Jewell

Lighting /Set design: Greg Doran, Terry Pratt

Music:   composed by Carl Mathis

Hair: Sharon Fletcher

Dancing Master: Gerry Gray

Deportment Coach: David Moses


Lady Sneerwell: Kathleen Hamilton 

Mrs. Snake: Jennifer Carson  

Mrs. Candour: Barbara Rhodenhizer

Mrs. Crabtree: Catherine Grant 

Sir Benjamin Backbite: Colin MacDonald 

Joseph Surface: Corin McFadden

Sir Peter Teazle: Clive Keen 

Lady Teazle: Ashley Clark 

Charles Surface: Rene Ortiz 

Betty: Lana MacAusland 

Maria: Sharon Eyster

Maid: Erin Coffin 

Careless: Gary Vincent 

Gentlemen: Gerry Gray and Tony Walsh 

Rowley: Cyril Armstrong

Sir Oliver Surface: Ron Irving 

This was a co-production with the UPEI theatre program.  Terry Pratt, director, chose it in order that audiences might see something -- and something quite hilarious -- between Shakespeare and the modern age (date 1777).  The eighteenth century is his specialty and he wanted to do it in the round, which the Guild was able to accommodate at that time.

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