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The Shop Around the Corner

November 16, 17 (evenings), 18 (matinee and evening), 2017

The Guild, Charlottetown

Written by: The Shop Around the Corner was transcribed/written and adapted by Mariève MacGregor from the original 1940 movie written by Samson Raphaelson and Miklós László (directed by Ernst Lubitsch).

Director: Marieve MacGregor

Producer: Grace Kimpinski

Stage Manager: Gillian Gallivan

Assistant Stage Manager: Afton Mondoux

Costumes: Pam Jewell

Set Design: Cyril Armstrong

Readers/Production Assistants:

Adam Gallant, Melissa Piccioni, Dave Neatby, Les Anderegg




Klara Novak: Teresa Wright

Alfred Kralik: Adam Gauthier

Flora Novoti: Marti Hopson

Mr Matuschek: Gordon Cobb

Pirovitch: Richard Haines

Vadas: Mike Mallaley

Pepi: Jim McClean

Detective: Veronika Jendrick

Waiter: Jen Carson

Doctor: Cyril Armstrong

Aunt Anna: Tracy Duguay

Rudy: William Wright

Shopper 1: Kelly Lewis

Shopper 2: Natalia Goodwin

Shopper 3: Ashley McCormack

Shopper 4: Robert Molyneaux

Shopper 5: Erin Mazor

Shopper 6: Gillian Oakley

Shopper 7 / Officer: Tony Welsh

Shopper 8: Megan Boome

Shopper 10: Donna Costain



Despite taking place during the Depression and touching on the heavy subjects of suicide, adultery, and poverty The Shop Around the Corner is a beautiful story where the human spirit raises above all of those horrible things. The humour and witty dialogue, along with the set and costumes, takes the audience to another place and time.  People of all ages enjoy this show because it is a fun, feel-good play, which is exactly what people need to lift their spirits in gloomy November and as they head into the Christmas rush.

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