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West Moon

by Al Pittman


October 26 - 28, 2023 

4 performances (three evenings + Saturday matinee) 
Watermark Theatre, North Rustico

Gordon Cobb - Nish
Richard Haines - Jack
Gavin Hall - Ray
Brielle Hunter - Sheila
Brian Matthie - Skipper Bill
Kelly Mullally - Rose
Nick van Ouwerkerk - Aaron
Mike Peters - Ned
Laura Stapleton - Maggie
Shelley Tamtom - Bride



Set in the cemetery of a fishing outport which is being abandoned in Newfoundland’s 1960s resettlement strategy.... The characters are dead … but once a year, on All Souls’ Night, they have consciousness again; they recall their lives, and yearn to know what is happening in their village and in the lives of their families and friends.

West Moon is a play of heart-felt issues — of mortality (what’s the meaning of death?) and legacy (what do we leave behind?), of comfortable tradition versus fresh opportunity, of the fabric of community …   The themes resonate with Prince Edward Island’s own experiences — the 1970s pain of consolidating rural schools and the hospital system, the push-pull controversy around municipal amalgamation, nostalgia for small-community life versus the impulse to get services, jobs and modern conveniences.

All of the performances sold out, to our delighted surprise!  The thrust stage and the intimacy of the Watermark worked perfectly for this play. West Moon entertained and provoked the thought of more than 300 audience members.  

Sponsors: Gallant’s Country Market & Gas, Carr’s Oyster Bar, Pedro’s Island Eatery, The Bookmark

Production team:
Director - Brian Collins
Stage Manager - Sharon MacDonald
ASM - Sophia Ward
Producer - Rob Thomson
Associate Producer - Veronica Jendrick
Set design/construction - Cyril Armstrong
Graphics - Veronica Jendrick
Costuming - Pam Jewell
Publicity - Leigh Emerson, Rob Thomson, Veronica Jendrick
Props - Caroline Jenner
Sponsorship - Gordon Cobb
Make-up/Hair - Sarah Ellis
Photography - David Gladstone, Brian Collins


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