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Hamlet, 2015

Play Readings

No play readings are scheduled for the near future, but check back to this space!


WORKSHOP! Production: How to make a show come to life...

Want to find out about what a Producer is and does? Here’s a workshop that takes the mystery and maybe the intimidation out of that role.

• What does it take to make a show?

• How does the production team work? Who does what?

• Budgeting and the money, Rights & Scripts, Venue, Auditions, Rehearsals, Costuming, Ticketing, Publicity, Set and Props, Lighting & Sound, Music, Front of House, Programme, Make-up & Hair

• How do you do it … and keep sane?

• Why do it? What are the rewards?


The workshop: Sunday afternoon, 15 January, 1:30 - 5:00pm … Interactive participation, covering every aspect of a production, with concrete ‘how-to’ techniques and tips. The presenter: Rob Thomson - Founding member of ACT, Producer or Associate Producer of a dozen major shows, organizer of ten community theatre festivals, author of ACT’s Producer’s Manual.

To register: contact ACT’s Workshop Coordinator, Brian Collins -

The Fee for the workshop is $10.00 payable by etransfer to to the above address (include 'workshop' in the message) or in cash in the day of the workshop.

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