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September 6, 7, 8, 13, 2012

Robert L. Cotton Park, Stratford


Written by William Shakespeare

Director: Terry Pratt

Producer: Bunty Albert

Stage Manager: Sharon MacDonald

Costumes: Pam Jewell

Set Pieces: Cyril Armstrong

Props: Ann Greyborn

Publicity: Shannon Murray

Music Consultant: Carl Mathis


MacBeth: Richard Haines

Lady MacBeth: Catherine MacDonald

Banquo: Keir Malone

Malcom: Ben Hartley

Ross: Adam Gauthier

MacDuff: Rob Reddin

Seyton: Justin Shaw

Fleance: Kassinda Bulger

Lady MacDuff & Son: Ashley Clark, Graeme Zinck

Murderers: Michael Joslin, Alex Morkunas

Doctor: Cyril Armstrong

Docents, Witches & Extras: Lucy Morkunas, Olivia Barnes, Emma Russell-Louder, Kathleen Haines, Quinby Barrows, Sara McCarthy, Gillian Gallivan, Lauren Winter, Arielle Vanalderstine


Terry Pratt’s fascination with this play, along with his having attended a Halifax ‘Shakespeare By the Sea’ outdoor production of it, were where things started. He then discovered Robert Cotton Park and began thinking of doing something like the Halifax production. Bunty Albert, producer, became involved in the thinking and along came a Stratfords of the World 2012. As Terry said, “The stars had lined up, irresistibly”. The show played between supper and dusk, and a highlight was members of the audience bearing the boughs of Birnam Wood, as the park darkened. A special highlight of ACT’s Macbeth in the park was the excellent cooperation from the Mayflowers Seniors Club, the Town of Stratford, the organizing committee of Stratfords of the World, and numerous individuals and groups in the  community.

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