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Plays in a Day

Location: The Guild

Date: November 8, 2014

Producer: Bunty Albert

Playwrights: J.J.Steinfeld, Ellen Carol, Gordon Cobb, Benton Hartley, Melissa Heald, Don Wright

Directors: Terry Pratt, Cyril Armstrong, Marla Haines, Kim Johnston, Keir Malone

Fourteen years previously, a similar theatrical event had been coordinated and this edition was the inspiration of Bunty McCabe Albert, Producer, who proposed and coordinated the production. Six short plays were written over 12 hours between 7:00pm on Friday and 7:00am on Saturday. Each play was 5-12 minutes in length, required minimal technical support, and had not more than four actors. Directors were advised on Friday night of props they must include, a time period or theme for the play, or a cast breakdown by age. Between 7 and 8am on Saturday each play was assigned to one of the directors and they then cast their shows from the roster of actors who had volunteered to participate. Rehearsals were held in six separate sites around Charlottetown during the day and presented on stage that evening. It was a very full and enthusiastic house, to be sure. A special bonus for ACT was that Producer Bunty McCabe gave ACT a package of organizational details for possible use for another edition of Plays in a Day in the future.

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