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Relatively Speaking

March 29 – April 1, 2012

The Guild, Charlottetown

Written by: Alan Ayckbourn

Directors: Brenda Porter, Paul Whelan

Producer: Jennifer Shields

Stage Manager: Wallena Higgins

Costumes: Pam Jewell

Set Design and Construction: Cyril Armstrong


Ginny: Ashley Clark

Greg: Keir Malone

Sheila: Barbara Rhodenhizer

Philip: Adam Michael James

This British comedy by the prolific and highly successful playwright is filled with ‘misunderstandings’ and confusion as Greg and Ginny (who are engaged) arrive separately at the house of Ginny’s older lover and his wife – Greg thinking that they are Ginny’s parents. Misunderstanding and confusion and hilarity result. ACT decided to stage this play in their late winter time slot as an antidote to a long winter. Seating at The Guild was a combination of cabaret and rows.

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