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Trial by Jury

August 22-25, 2002 Summerside Court House Joint production by ACT and the Indian River Festival Chorus Written by: ​Gilbert and Sullivan Stage Director: Terry Pratt Music Director: Carl Mathis Pianist: Christine Gallant Stage Manager: Wallena Higgins Producer: Brenda Porter Costume Designer: Pam Jewell Graphic Designer: Joy Tremblay Set Dressing: Veronica Brown

Lead singers: Emily Hanlin, Hugh Jones, Helen Lucker, Linnea Clough, Marie-France Theriault, Ivan Dowling, Carl Phillips, Rene Hurtubise

Chorus of Jurors and Spectators

Description: This one-act, farcical operetta with continuous singing (no dialogue) was the first collaboration of W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan. The case on trial is a breach of promise of marriage, eventually settled by the judge deciding to marry to plaintiff himself. The setting being a courtroom, ACT was given permission by legal authorities to use and redecorate an actual courtroom built in the same year that Trial by Jury was first performed, 1875. There were two performances each day, at noon and at 2:00 p.m.

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